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Bolt Action Pens

All-Metal • Bent Clip

Similar, but a little different

Slim Bolt Action Pens

All-Metal • MILLED Clip

  • USA Manufacturing

    Our shop is in Dallas, TX where we design, machine, assemble, ship, and service just about everything we sell

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  • Lifetime Warranty

    We only use premium materials and believe a Quality tool should be used daily and passed on to future generations

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  • Tactile Knife Co.

    If you like our pens and pencils, we also make pocket knives in the same shop but under a different name

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Elegantly Simple

Side Click Pens

All-Metal • MILLED Clip

Thin, More Refined

Slim Side Click Pens

All-Metal • MILLED Clip

Because Accidents Happen



  • "Shop Series"

    If you've ever wondered what happens when you give full creative license to a team of talented machinists to come up with new finishes, milled patterns, and material combinations, hold onto your hats because the answer is... a lot.

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  • Limited Releases

    We do these drops periodically in small batches. If you're interested in a specific model that's sold out, use the red "Notify Me When Available" button. You'll get an automatic email as soon as we add inventory.

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