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Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator

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Built for you, by you

The previous version of Smooth Operator came with a stonewash finish and black ultem internal for a 'smooth' writing experience (with the occasional cracks here and there). This time we're all about the 'operator' part of this pen with an emphasis on modularity and customization – a blank canvas to make your own. It's the first step in our shared quest to build your perfect pen so keep an eye out for new materials, finishes, grips, etc.

Available (for now) in stonewashed titanium and black DLC base pen with a kicker of Titanium Nitride gold bolts and clips in the Smooth Operator Parts Collection →


  • All-metal, Durable Bolt Action Mechanism
  • Reversible Internal for Parker-Style Refills
  • Custom T8 & T20 Torx Tool Included
  • Interchangeable Standard, Short, Mini Fronts
  • Grade 5 Titanium Body and Hardware
  • Stainless Steel Deep-Carry Clip


  • Diameter: 0.365"
  • Standard: 5.6", 1.0oz, Pilot G2 0.7mm
  • Short: 5.1", 0.9oz, OHTO 0.5mm Needlepoint
  • Mini: 4.4", 0.8oz, Pilot G2 Mini 0.7mm


All of our Standard length pens come with a Pilot G2 0.7mm refill, the Smooth Operator Shorts come with a OHTO 0.5mm PG-105NP needlepoint refill, and the Minis come with a Pilot G2 Mini 0.7mm refill. Many of our customers like to use their own personal favorites, however, so we put together a list of compatible refills that work with our pens.


Can I request a particular material, treatment, or design?

Absolutely. We'd love to hear anything you can come up with to plan future releases. Message us @TactileTurn on Instagram or send us an email at and let us know what you you're thinking. No guarantees that dream will become a reality but, if enough people say the same thing, chances are good it's going to get scheduled.

How does the reversible internal bolt carrier work?

For those who prefer Parker-style refills but in a standard length, we modified the internal or "bolt carrier" to have one side filled to provide extra length needed, the other hollowed out to accept a Pilot G2 style.

To flip it, separate the tip, spring, and ink refill from body and use the included T8 torx wrench to remove the bolt. Slide the internal out, flip it over, align the bolt hole, and gently slide it back in. Finally, screw the bolt back on to hand tightness, reassemble with the new ink refill, and enjoy.

Why the OHTO needlepoint refill for the 'short' length?

Metal-bodied ink refills like our typical Schmidt EasyFlow for Short lengths can have a rattle when shaken vigorously due to the pen's slim profile and contour. It's not the end of the world, but we went with the OHTO's plastic body both to remove the noise and as a throwback to the previous Smooth Operator version which came with a needlepoint.

Does the "perfect" pen really exist?

Nope, but you can get pretty damn close.

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