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Helix Side Click Pens

Helix Side Click Pens

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A few other machined pen companies do milled patterns because, without them, they are slick metal and hard to grip. We've held off on milling in features because our standard texture is beautiful, simple, and provides excellent grip. This is our first milled pattern but, if people like it, we'd love to come up with new ones.

The Side Click pens have a slight taper to them so, even though the Helix milled pattern has the same depth the whole way down, it has the appearance of fading towards the back of the pen.

Available in Titanium Standard (5.8", 1.2oz, Pilot G2 0.7mm refill) and Short (5.3", 1.1oz, Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 refill) Side Clicks with optional Titanium Damascus clip upgrade.