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Apollo Flashlight

Apollo Flashlight

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Designed in collaboration with Charles Wiggins of CWF Custom Flashlights, the Apollo is our first foray into the world of premium EDC lights. Built with a top-of-the-line custom driver and machined entirely in our Dallas, TX shop.


  • Diameter: 0.740"
  • Length: 3.6"
  • Battery: 14500 Li-ion
  • Driver: CWF Quantum Chimera
  • LED: Nichia 219c (4000k)
  • Max Output: 520 lumens
  • Lens: Sapphire


  • Three Modes:
    • Low (16 lumens)
    • Medium (160 lumens)
    • High (520 lumens)
  • Included: Nitecore NL1475R rechargeable Li-ion battery
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Let there be light...

Measuring 3.6" long with a 0.740" diameter, the Apollo is the perfect pocket companion. Machined entirely from titanium with a scooped body shape, the titanium clip is secured to the body with custom, in-house screws while a sapphire lens and clicky tail switch complete the build.

  • The Tactile model features bare metal with our signature texture on the front and back for superior grip.
  • The X-Tone model is smooth bodied with a two-tone anodized finish, anodized green screws, and glowy tail switch.

Accurate color representation from a premium LED

Inside you'll find the brain of the flashlight – a custom CWF Quantum Chimera driver with low voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, and thermal protection of the emitter. This driver powers the LED and allows switching between the three modes (Low, Medium, and High) by clicking the rubberized and textured tail switch. The 4000k Nichia 219C is a powerful and color-accurate LED that leans on the warmer side. A smooth conical reflector makes a brighter center beam with a bit of flood around it, perfect for nearly any task.

Powerful and efficient battery options

All of the power comes from a 14500 lithium ion battery which is the same form factor as a AA but higher voltage for better performance. Included with each light is a Nitecore NL1475R battery with an integrated micro-USB port for quick and easy charging. You can also use any 14500-sized battery on the market. (Around the shop, we like the Vapcell F12.)