Reason #1

Plants are awesome and deserve more recognition

Not only do they make life on Earth possible, vegetation provides a welcome freshness and pop of color to any environment. Inspired by the joy we get from a humble houseplant, Sprout is a portable chlorophyll factory machined from titanium in our Dallas shop featuring a custom Cerakote colorway and leafy clip engraving. Keep it on your desk or in a pocket, purse, or backpack to instantly transform the urban jungle into a warm greenhouse... metaphorically speaking.

Reason #2

These pens last forever with no water or sunlight required

Not all of us are blessed with green thumbs (looking at you, dead orchid) but because our all-metal pens are made from premium materials like Grade 5 titanium, everything we sell comes with a lifetime warranty. Don't believe us? Scroll through some of the 2,100+ unfiltered reviews for our best-selling Bolt Action mechanism and see what real customers have to say. Or just pick one you like and feel the quality firsthand.

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Reason #3

Spring is here

The bees are chirping and birds buzzing which means it's the perfect time to grab some soil and get your hands dirty. To help with that, each Sprout order comes with a commemorative box, sticker, and seed packet (domestic orders only, sorry). Germinate some seedlings, start a garden, plant apple trees across the midwest, and take notes with a quality pen. Thanks for reading this far, we're excited to share something we are so proud to build.

Available until June 30 and then never again