3 Reasons to Buy a $100 Pen

The case for investing in quality, all-metal tools guaranteed for life

Reason #1

To appreciate quality craftsmanship in everyday moments

In today's digital world we tend to forget how often we use pens. Signatures, of course. Then there are to-do, grocery, and errands lists as well as notes for meetings, reminders, cues, and more. Every time you reach for the most mundane task like addressing an envelope, you'll notice the quality of the pen and feel a small sense of joy. It's the same reason people buy nice watches when we all have the time on our phones. Mechanical watches remind us of the intersection of design, engineering, and practicality. The same is true when using a quality pen.

Reason #2

Our pens come with a lifetime guarantee that will last... forever

If you take a moment to scroll through the 2,100+ unfiltered reviews for our Bolt Action pens, you'll find stories from customers who mention the pen's indestructibility (e.g., "I've had this pen for three years and it looks nearly new"). Thanks to premium materials like titanium, bronze, and copper and the all-metal construction, we offer lifetime warranties and proudly stand by all of the products we make and sell. If something unexpected goes wrong, we'll make it right. Simple as that.

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Reason #3

We design, machine, and assemble our products in Dallas, TX

Virtually every part of Tactile Turn pens are manufactured under our roof in Dallas (we don't make the ink refills). From precise, CNC-machined pen bodies to the clips and screws, all parts are subject to rigorous QA/QC processes as they flow from production to fulfillment. The $100 price point is a reflection of the cost of using premium materials, working with domestic vendors (ideally within driving distance), and paying fair wages to our talented and dedicated team.

When you buy Tactile Turn pens, you are supporting the return of American manufacturing in the form of a small business.