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Introducing the Side Click pen

Most of you understand the constant search for the best pen. We love the experience of going to a pen store, clicking pens, and writing with different refills to find the perfect one for us. In fact, Tactile Turn started because we found a ton of fantastic refills but they were almost always put into extremely cheap plastic bodies that just never quite felt like a premium writing experience. Late last year, I ran across a pen that has an incredibly satisfying side click, the Mitsubishi BOXY, and immediately took it apart to understand how it worked, expecting a lot of small, injection molded pieces. What I found was two fairly simple friction fit pieces and I knew I had...

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Buckle up

We're excited to announce 7 models of Bolt Action Pens are available for limited release. Some are tried-and-true favorites like Titanium Damascus and Bead Blasted DLC but the rest are new materials, treatments, and combinations that didn't feel right keeping for ourselves.Everything in the Limited Releases Collection is exactly that – limited. Once they sell there's no guarantee when they'll be back since some of these materials are hard to come by so consider this fair warning that if you want one of them, better act quickly.Here's the rundown in no particular order: Bead Blasted DLC Titanium   [ 127 available ] Titanium Damascus Tips & Tops   [ 57 available ] Full Titanium Damascus   [ 3 available ] Superconductor   [ 6...

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What interesting times we're living in...

As everyone is asked to keep their social distance game on point, we are getting some much needed time to reevaluate aspects of our lives and the contents of our freezers. What really matters? To what lengths are we willing to make personal sacrifices to keep others around us safe? And what does a machine shop that makes pens have to say about any of this? To be honest -- not much. But, even though we’ve had to cut down on some shifts, the show must go on. We can’t offer a lot but it just so happens that some of the materials we work with like copper are fairly antimicrobial. A recent NIH-led study found that a form of...

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Good things come to those who wait

Thank you to all those who ordered a Bolt Action Mini (BAM) last month. Along with making the Titanium, Copper, and Bronze models a staple in the store, we're excited to announce that Zirconium is now in stock.As soon as the shipment came in on Monday we couldn't wait to fire up the machines and get these made. Measuring at 4.4" with the same, familiar 0.43" diameter, each Bolt Action Mini comes with a G2 Mini 0.7mm refill...

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New Release: The Bolt Action Mini Pen

Back in the early days we made a line of pens called the X, Y, and Z. The Z used the Pilot G2, the Y used a Parker style refill, and the X used the Pilot G2 mini. The X never sold all that well so I axed it pretty quickly and the other two eventually turned into our Bolt Action and Bolt Action Short models. Lately, however, we've gotten a lot of requests for a shortie pen so figured why not give X another try with the Bolt Action Mini!

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