Not Just a Pen

The objects we buy and surround ourselves with can be seen in one of two ways: a source of meaning or a simply serving a purpose. A backpack is just a backpack unless it's the one you bought the summer before starting high school and kept all the way through college. A car is just a car to get from Point A to Point B unless it's the fancy BMW you waited years to afford.

Meaning isn't something that's inherent to an object, it's something we assign to justify an appreciation beyond logic. Meaning is emotional, irrational, and... in the best way possible, addictive to the deserving few who are lucky enough to find it. Once you get a taste, it's something you begin to crave and settling for "just a car" won't satisfy because only the BEST will do.

Tactile Turn is a pen company but we don't want to sell you just a pen. We want to sell you a pen you'll reach for to accept a job offer, scribble grocery lists, sign a mortgage, and fill out a birth certificate. We want to sell you a pen that's machined, assembled, and shipped by a small Texas shop that gives a damn. We want to give you an excuse to be proud about everyday tools that come with a lifetime guarantee, designed to be passed on to future generations along with your stories.

If you're satisfied with using just a pen, Tactile Turn isn't for you. If, however, you appreciate quality craftsmanship and, like us, want to care about the objects you use, start by answering the only question that matters right now: Bolt Action or Side Click?

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Don't take our word for it

With over 800 reviews from verified customers on our flagship Bolt Action and Side Click models, we have been committed to delivering quality products since we started making pens by hand back in 2012.

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Titanium Damascus

Upgrade the bolt or clip to make it truly special. Made by forging together different alloys of titanium, each piece is unique.

Custom Engraving

Pick a name, date, inside joke, or something from your favorite Steinbeck novel.

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