Icefall Seasonal Release

Icefall Seasonal Release

Running the risk of being too literal, we went with an ice theme for this winter's Seasonal Release. Dubbed "Icefall" after the natural phenomenon when a glacier moves in a rapid, chaotic manner, the new colorway honors explorers like Shackleton, Hillary, and countless others for braving sub-zero temperatures and treacherous landscapes.

Icefall consists of Side Clicks and Slim Side Clicks with a unique, "marbled" finish with a mixture of white, gray, and blue Cerakote meant to imitate the crevassed surface of its namesake. Light blue accents on the button and clip bring out the blue in the body while an iceberg icon engraving completes the look and reminds us that there's always more beneath the surface.

And for the first time, we're offering an optional, alternative clip upgrade of Titanium Damascus (+$99) that's carefully acid-etched to provide a glacial texture and look. Each pen comes with a custom sticker, fridge magnet, and themed box.

Icefall Seasonal Release will be available for purchase starting January 30 until March 28, 2024

Product Specs

  • Built on the Side Click and Slim Side Click Pens
  • Starting at $149 retail price
  • Titanium base material
  • Marbled white, blue, and gray Cerakote paint on body
  • Light blue Cerakote on clip and top button
  • Optional acid-etched Titanium Damascus clip (+$99)
  • Anodized blue accents on side release and clip screw
  • Iceberg icon engraving on the clip
  • Available in Standard (5.8"), Short (5.3"), and Mini (4.6")
  • Custom fridge magnet and sticker include with all orders

Fully Custom Cerakote Finishing

Cerakote is a thin coating of ceramic that we apply to the surface of titanium pens in our own paint shop. It's abrasion, chemical, temperature, and scratch resistance but not proof. Hard wear will still show on Cerakote but we love that it gives us the ability to put colors on our pens without adding any serious weight or thickness.

Available for a Limited Time Only

About Tactile Turn

What started as a one-man operation with a single lathe has grown into a state-of-the-art manufacturer of high-quality machined pens. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, all of Tactile Turn's pens and parts are designed, machined, assembled, and shipped in-house down to the smallest parts (even the screws!). All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty because we only use premium materials and stand behind our craftsmanship. If something unexpected goes wrong, get in touch and we'll take care of it. Simple as that.

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