Take a Tour of the Shop

Take a Tour of the Shop

Will Hodges started Tactile Turn in 2012 in the outskirts of Dallas, TX, because he was frustrated; frustrated with how disconnected we are from the things we buy and how they’re made; frustrated that high-quality, small-scale manufacturing has become so inaccessible to the average person.

So, he took things into his own hands and bought an old, WWII-era lathe, rented 160ft² in the corner of a friend’s workshop and made his first 1,000 pens by hand.

Since then, we've expanded our operations into a new 9,000ft² workshop with state-of-the-art machines and a dedicated team of machinists obsessed with making things last a lifetime. Go behind the scenes to meet the people and see the operations responsible for the design, production, assembly, and fulfillment of our products.


About the knives...

A byproduct of investing in the machinery needed to produce our pens is a whole lot more capability so we decided to scratch a long-time itch: thoughtfully-designed knives manufactured in the US.

Tactile Knife Co. will make craftsmen-quality knives built by dedicated people who care about the process. We’ve assembled the powerful combination of the right people with the right tools to produce USA made, high performance knives at a competitive price. Like our pens, the knives will be made in house and backed by a lifetime warranty. We take pride in what we make so you can take pride in what you own.

More on that later.

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