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Superconductor Bolt Action Pens

Superconductor Bolt Action Pens

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Superconductor is the most expensive material we have ever worked with at Tactile Turn since it's so hard to acquire. The rods of copper with niobium and titanium alloy filaments are mostly used in practical applications where the material is cooled to nearly zero degrees kelvin, allowing electrical current to flow with incredibly low resistance. When the copper is etched away, the niobium filaments pop out and create an interesting texture.

  • Titanium Bolt Action pen body
  • Superconductor tip and top
  • Copper internal with titanium bolt
  • Standard: 5.6", 1.3oz, Pilot G2 0.7mm ink refill
  • Short: 5.1", 1.2oz, Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 ink refill
  • Mini: 4.4", 1.1oz, Pilot G2 0.7mm Mini ink refill