A fiery twist on the Titanium Bolt Action Pen.

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You expect an EDC pen to be as useful as possible with minimal fuss. But that doesn't mean you can't use it to add a spark to your day-to-day.

Machine, assembled, and shipped from our shop in Dallas.

Guaranteed for life with our Lifetime Warranty

Machine, assembled, and shipped from our shop in Dallas.

Guaranteed for life with our Lifetime Warranty

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All it takes is a single spark

For a million years or more humans and our early ancestors have used fire as a tool to keep warm, cook meals, provide light in darkness, and offer protection from predators. It's also the perfect excuse to gather together and burn a few marshmallows. The first Seasonal Release built on our Bolt Action and Slim Bolt Action models, Ember is inspired by the gift of fire from Prometheus – treated with a red-to-orange gradient on the body, yellow accents on the bolt and channel, and a subtle, metallic clear coat for some sparkle. Topping it off is a brown clip with a woodgrain, laser-engraved pattern to add some fuel to the proverbial fire. PSA: If you don't have an extinguisher, get one.

Available until September 28, 2023

  • Built on the Bolt Action and Slim Bolt Action models
  • Base material: Titanium
  • Red-to-orange Cerakote paint on body
  • Bright yellow accents on bolt and channel
  • Woodgrain engraving on the brown clip
  • Available in Standard (5.6"), Short (5.1"), and Mini (4.4")
  • Custom matchbook included with Domestic Ground orders due to hazardous materials rules
  • Optional Exotac x Tactile Turn Firestarter (+$39)
  • Material: Titanium
  • Bolt Action:
    Diameter: 0.43"
    Standard: 5.6" length, 1.3oz
    Short: 5.1" length, 1.2oz
    Mini: 4.4" length, 1.1oz
  • Slim Bolt Action:
    Diameter: 0.365"
    Standard: 5.6" length, 0.92oz
    Short: 5.1" length, 0.91oz
    Mini: 4.4" length, 0.73oz

The Standard [5.6"] comes with a Pilot G2 0.7 mm refill, the Short [5.1"]comes with a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 medium refill, and the Mini [4.4"] comes with a Pilot G2 Mini 0.7mm refill. Many of our customers like to use their own personal favorites, however, and so we put together a list of compatible refills that work with our Bolt Action and Slim Bolt Action pens.

For added fun, our friends at Exotac sent us some nanoStrikerXLs and we gave them the same treatment as the pens. Available as an optional $39 add-on while supplies last. Our photographer, Ed, got it to work pretty easily without burning down the office. See the video ↓

It only takes one spark...

Inspired by Prometheus' gift of fire to humanity, we treated Ember with a red-to-orange gradient on the body, bright yellow accents, and a woodgrain clip. Please remember to practice all current fire safety and prevention methods when handling this pen or working near an open flame.

Custom Cerakote Finishing

Cerakote is a thin coating of ceramic that's applied to the surface of our titanium pens. It's abrasion, chemical, temperature, and scratch-resistant but not proof. As mentioned above, this is the first time we're offering Cerakote on our Bolt Action or Slim Bolt Action models. We took extra caution to limit discoloration or potential damage by adding a top coat and keeping part of the bolt bare but wear will show with time and use.

Bolt Action

Slim Bolt Action

About Seasonal Releases

If you're tuned into our Limited Release drops of exotic treatments and materials, you probably noticed that they tend to sell out pretty fast. Seasonal Releases are much easier to get your hands on because, instead of a set quantity, they're available for a set period of time. No fast fingers required or having to dip out of that important work meeting to try and snag one from your phone in the bathroom.

Past Seasonal Releases ↓