The Best Bolt Action Pen

The Last Pen You'll Ever Need

We were sick of cheap, disposable pens and couldn’t afford the fancy schmancy luxury ones so we decided to make our own and, after more than 7 years and countless iterations, we're confident our Bolt Action Pen is the best on the market.
All of our pens are machined out of the finest raw materials in our own Texas shop and designed to be heirloom quality, meaning you can use it every day of your life and pass it on for someone else to do the same. That’s the way quality tools should be made and why it’s (hopefully) the last pen you’ll ever need.
Titanium Bolt Action Pen, starting at $99

It just feels right

Tactile Turn pens are known for their CNC precision machined texture. It’s where our name comes from. The subtle feeling allows you to control the pen exactly the way you want, providing the right amount of grip without biting into your skin. We can talk about it all day but you’re better off deciding for yourself.

Designed to last

Because we use the finest, most durable materials, you’ll never need to buy another pen again. Of course, we’re confident you’ll want to start a collection but you can use our Titanium, Copper, Bronze, or Zirconium models every day and still pass them on to your kids. When we say lifetime warranty, we mean it.

Make it yours

Choose from two different fonts on either the right-hand or left-hand orientation for custom clip engraving. A name, an occasion, a company, or a meaningful phrase. Doesn’t really matter to us – you’re going to be the one staring at it every day so make it count.

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