Thank you to all those who ordered a Bolt Action Mini (BAM) last month. Along with making the TitaniumCopper, and Bronze models a staple in the store, we're excited to announce that Zirconium is now in stock.

As soon as the shipment came in on Monday we couldn't wait to fire up the machines and get these made. Measuring at 4.4" with the same, familiar 0.43" diameter, each Bolt Action Mini comes with a G2 Mini 0.7mm refill and optional upgrades of custom engraving (+$10) and a Titanium Damascus bolt (+$20).

Our zirconium pens start at $269 and a lot of people ask why they're so much more than the other materials. This is partly because zirconium is more expensive and harder to get a hold of but the main reason is because the stuff is dangerous to work with. We nearly burned the shop down a few years ago machining it so the price reflects not only the scarcity but the risk.

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