Introducing the new Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pens

Introducing the new Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pens

Since they were first released in September 2016, the Slider and Glider Bolt Action Pens have been the core of our business. They've outsold all other models of pens in our lineup by a huge margin and, earlier this year, we began rethinking the design.

The first priority was shortening the bolt action slot to improve the feel of the action by removing unnecessary carry. Thanks to the shorter action, the pen now has a very strong "on" and "off" feel. Coupled with a stronger spring, the bolt action feels consistent between the two models whereas before we used a light spring in the short version.

Another big change that will (hopefully) make our customers happy is adding more clarity to the naming conventions. Previously, we called the pens the Slider and Glider, where the Slider was shorter at 5.1" (130mm) and the Glider was about the average length of a pen at 5.6" (140mm). Customers remained confused over which model was which and, in an effort to make the names more descriptive of the models, we have changed the names from Slider and Glider to simply Bolt Action (BA) and Bolt Action Short (BAS). Although the names have changed, both models are the same overall length and contain the same ink refills as before. The Bolt Action comes with the Pilot G2 0.7mm black ink refill and the Bolt Action Short comes with a Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 Medium line width black ink refill.

Finally, to streamline our manufacturing operations and keep up with growing demand, we decided to consolidate the materials we offer and focus only on the best in terms of popularity, strength, and appeal. We will no longer be offering anodized aluminum, brass, or stainless steel and, instead, only feature four materials: titanium ($99), copper ($99), bronze ($99), and zirconium ($249). By limiting the options, we can maximize machine time to better ensure our products meet high standards of quality.

Main design changes:

Bolt Action Pen Design Changes
  • Shorter bolt slot with stronger spring to improve the feel of the action
  • Refined tip allows for a clean line from ink refill to pen body
  • Flatter top piece to provide a lower profile when clipped
  • Closed bolt slot in both the up and down positions

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If you have questions regarding the updates to our catalog, please feel free to email Will Hodges directly at Thank you for your continued interest in Tactile Turn.

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