Zirconium Bolt Action Pen
Zirconium Bolt Action Pen with Titanium Damascus Bolt
Zirconium Bolt Action Short Pen
Zirconium Bolt Action Short Pen with Titanium Damascus Bolt
Zirconium Bolt Action and Bolt Action Short Pens
Zirconium Bolt Action Pens by Tactile Turn
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Zirconium Bolt Action Pens by Tactile Turn
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Zirconium Bolt Action Pen
Zirconium Bolt Action Pen

Zirconium Bolt Action Pen

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Not for the faint of heart.
The unique bolt action shape allows for one fluid motion to advance or retract the refill. Because the surfaces of both the interior part and the inside surface have been carefully machined to be extra smooth, the action feels amazingly satisfying. If there’s one pen that we recommend to new customers, it’s this one.
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Because zirconium is the element directly below titanium on the periodic table, it shares quite a few properties like extreme corrosion resistance, strength, and density which falls between the lightweight titanium and the heavier copper/brass/stainless steel. Unfortunately, the material is hard to work with on the machines so we rarely have a high quantity on hand.

Add a Ti Damascus Bolt

Titanium Damascus is different alloys of titanium that are forged together and twisted to create a cool pattern. After they are machined, we heat them to bring out the pattern. Every bolt looks a little different. These are unique pieces and every one has variation from the next.


Make it yours

We offer engraving options on the clip for an additional $10. These can be oriented for either right-handed or left-handed writers. Simply select the engraving checkbox before checkout, type your message (up to 20 characters), and pick your preferred font and orientation. Considering these are designed to pass on to future generations, might as well make it special.


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Bernie T.
United States United States
Exceeded my expectations in all respects

I’m writing this review of the Zirconium Shorti Bolt Action Pen as a southpaw who’s tried several other bolt-action pens and never been happy with any of them. The Tactile Turn bolt-action mini pen exceeded my expectations in all respects. This pen is 4.4” long, so it’s on the small side for someone with large hands. 1. The bolt on this pen has a flat head and engages at almost 170 degrees to the pocket clip. This was a huge favorable factor to my review, as the “ball” bolt on the Fellholter bolt digs into my hand when engaged. It, and others, appear to have been designed for right-handed users. 2. The bolt engages very comfortably - not stiff, but in a firm, refined manner, as if ir had been used many times, yet not sloppy or soft. Some pens of this type are stiff and/or difficult to engage, especially given their short length. 3. The tactile feel of the pen is comfortable, given the small grooves of the pen’s design. 4. The length of the “Short” is just right (it’s actually ~ 5.3” when the bolt is engaged, vs. the 5.1” stated on Tactile Turn’s website). 5. The Zirconium material used in this pen is exquisite. It’s elegant, refined and looks fantastic. That said, I’m a sucker for Zr. 6. I’m also very happy this pen is Made in USA, not Chinese junk. 7. My only criticism of this pen is the standard refill offered. I hope Tactile will offer the Fisher Space Pen refill in the future. I work in an environment where I frequently have to sign wet or damp documents, and the Pilot G2 isn’t up to them. In a normal, dry environment it’s OK, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Overall, I rate this pen as 5/5 or 10/10 and will gladly look forward to other Tactile Turn products.

Todd G.
United States United States
Near perfect

I am a flight paramedic and like a pen that I can clean, especially now more than ever. I have both both a Standard and Short Titanium bolt action pen. I like the Pilot G2 refill, but found that I like the size of the short. The problem with the size of t he Standard pen is the distance between the tip of the pen and the top of the clip. It's too long and causes the pen to stick out of the pen pockets in my flight suit and shirt pockets and eventually wears a hole in the bottom. The short is about right so I've just trimmed a G2 refill and switched the springs. I now have the Short in Zirconium as well. I really like the color and the added weight is perfect. I'm tempted to try a Mini, but these are not cheap pens, but worth every penny. The craftsmanship and quality are amazing. The design is simple and unassuming, but I get questions about it every time I pull it out of my pocket. People scoff at the price, but it will last a lifetime. These things are bullet proof. And in my opinion the design is equally suited for the the front line first responder as well as the office setting. It's just that classy.

Justin G.
United States United States
Great product

Excellent craftsmanship on this pen, love the feel and function of the bolt action. The ink was defective when I received the pen, but the company took care of my issue right away and I had a new ink refill in a couple days. I will be buying more colors later

Gene W.
United States United States

Fantastic!! Bought a zirc, full length and it is amazing. Great weight and the finish is stunning!

Austin G.
United States United States
Piece of art

Reading the “Our Story” part of the website tells you everything you need to know about these pens. They’re for the people who care about the small details and don’t look for unnecessary attention. These pens are thoughtfully designed and have understated prestige. I love supporting American-made products. This is definitely a legacy piece that I’ll have forever. The zirconium material is a sophisticated dark-colored metal and (at a minimum) just cool to say that you own a zirconium pen! I just placed my order for two more pens (copper and titanium) in the short version to have something different than the standard that I currently have. My only suggestions for improvement: 1. make an option to have different ink and also choose the “weight” of the line (fine, medium, etc) and 2. make more pen designs because your work is outstanding! Thanks for the very fast shipping and superior writing instrument!