Zirconium Bolt Action Pen
Zirconium Bolt Action Pen with Titanium Damascus Bolt
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Zirconium Bolt Action Short Pen with Titanium Damascus Bolt
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Zirconium Bolt Action Pens by Tactile Turn
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Zirconium Bolt Action Pen

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Not for the faint of heart.
The unique bolt action shape allows for one fluid motion to advance or retract the refill. Because the surfaces of both the interior part and the inside surface have been carefully machined to be extra smooth, the action feels amazingly satisfying. If there’s one pen that we recommend to new customers, it’s this one.
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Because zirconium is the element directly below titanium on the periodic table, it shares quite a few properties like extreme corrosion resistance, strength, and density which falls between the lightweight titanium and the heavier copper/brass/stainless steel. Unfortunately, the material is hard to work with on the machines so we rarely have a high quantity on hand.

Add a Ti Damascus Bolt

Titanium Damascus is different alloys of titanium that are forged together and twisted to create a cool pattern. After they are machined, we heat them to bring out the pattern. Every bolt looks a little different. These are unique pieces and every one has variation from the next.


Make it yours

We offer engraving options on the clip for an additional $10. These can be oriented for either right-handed or left-handed writers. Simply select the engraving checkbox before checkout, type your message (up to 20 characters), and pick your preferred font and orientation. Considering these are designed to pass on to future generations, might as well make it special.