My Favorite Purchase Ever is a $100 Pen...

I remember when my brother told me he bought a $125 pen – I couldn't believe it and looked at him completely dumbfounded. My brother is extremely sharp. He works as an engineer and I'd never seen him buy anything that didn't make complete sense. Certainly, he wouldn't buy such a ridiculously expensive pen, right?

After a few seconds staring at him, wondering when he'd tell me he was joking, I finally said: "Why the [blank] would you do that?"

My brother pulled out the pen and handed it to me. It was a heavy, metal pen which felt nice but I still couldn't understand why he'd pay over $100 for it. He encouraged me to 'click' the pen and the action on the pen felt top-notch. I knew I was holding a quality pen... but still. Then, I asked my logical brother why he did something like spend $125 on a pen when he could've had HUNDREDS of pens? What if he loses it?!

He took the pen back, didn't seem phased by my question at all, and calmly said:

"Every day I work to build quality products. I want the products that I build to last lifetimes and I get so sick of using an Apple phone knowing that in 2 years, my battery will suddenly drain because some engineer programmed it to break. I appreciate quality, and this pen is the best I've seen. Every day I'm excited to put this pen in my pocket and, every time I use it, it reminds me that quality is built to last. I've lost thousands of pens I haven't cared about. If watches cost a few cents to buy, I'd have lost thousands of watches by now, too. For the amount of pride this pen brings me, and for the amount of craftsmanship and care that went into this, I'd buy the same pen again and again.

So, I decided to buy a Tactile Turn pen and, while waiting for the package to arrive, I wondered if I'd made a mistake. The pen was delivered a few days later and I immediately opened the package and held it in my hand. This was my pen, and I loved it. And my pen has been with me every day since.

Submitted by Scott from Chicago

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